Tianlong and Seegene Entered into A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On October 18, 2018, Xi'an Tianlong Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Tianlong') signed a cooperation framework agreement with Seegene from South Korea and released an official announcement to start a comprehensive cooperation in the field of molecular diagnostics.

Tianlong and Seegene Entered into A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

As a leading enterprise in the field of molecular diagnostics in China, Tianlong has a full product line of instruments and compatible reagents for molecular diagnostics, which can be seen at all times in the prevention and control of major epidemics such as avian influenza, influenza A and Ebola, as well as major event occasions such as World Economic Forum, G20 Summit and China National Games. Seegene is a well-known listed company in the field of biopharmaceuticals in Korea, has its own unique technical advantages in multi-molecular diagnostics, and has marketed various multi-molecular and clinical diagnostic products which share a considerate share in the global market. The strategic cooperation between Tianlong and Seegene will bring into full play their respective advantages in the field of molecular diagnostics design, R&D, manufacturing and marketing, actively explore the domestic and international molecular diagnostics market, build a sustainable long-term partnership, and create greater commercial and social values for both parties.

The main elements of this cooperation include:

Seegene will be responsible for the development of molecular diagnostic reagents compatible with Tianlong's PCR instruments.

Tianlong will then be responsible for the validation and verification of products, the clinical trials and related regulatory affairs to obtain the approval by NMPA, as well as the manufacturing and marketing in mainland China.The two parties will further discuss the specific detailed arrangements that Seegene will also work on the marketing and sales of Tianlong detection instruments in the overseas markets.

“We have decided to cooperate with Tianlong to develop the Chinese market as we have strong capabilities in instrument R&D, manufacturing and sales network, with differentiated competitiveness, and can fully help Seegene enter the Chinese market.” said Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO at Seegene. “Through comprehensive cooperation, we hope to accumulate experience in the Chinese market, speed up the registration with NMPA (CFDA), and develop a variety of products for the Chinese market, where barriers to entry are quite high.” added Chun.

Global cooperation in R&D, manufacturing and marketing has been an important trend in the in vitro diagnostics industry. Through this strategic cooperation with Seegene, Tianlong will continue to introduce leading molecular diagnostic products and improve its independent research and development capabilities, which will ultimately enhance Tianlong's competitiveness in the global molecular diagnostic field. What’s more, through Seegene's existing international sales channels, Tianlong will be able to actively seek better cooperation opportunities to expand overseas markets, and increase the international competitiveness and market share of Tianlong’s proprietary products.

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