Serum/Plasma Cell-Free DNA Extraction Kits (Magnetic Bead Method)
Serum/Plasma Cell-Free DNA Extraction Kits (Magnetic Bead Method)
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Product Introduction

Based on the principle of magnetic bead method, Tianlong has independently developed the serum/plasma cell-free DNA extraction kits. The single-strip automation-ready design can reduce hands-on operation. When used together with the automated nucleic acid extractor by Tianlong, this product can complete the nucleic acid extraction of numerous samples in one run. The nucleic acids extracted are of high concentration and high quality, which can be used for downstream testing in clinical diagnosis and scientific research.

Product Information



Product Name

Specifications & Models


T171H (ZDHC)

Nucleic Acid Extraction & Purification Kit

Serum/ Plasma Cell-Free Ex-DNA; 20T/Kit (DT6)1T/Strip × 20 Strips

Product Parameters

The main parameters are as follows:

Application: cell-free DNA

Sample Types: serum, plasma

Package: automation-ready single strips

Package Specifications:20T

Storage and Expiration Date: 12 months under room temperature